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Here is some  information on the importance of seasoning food, and tips on how to do it correctly.  Everyone has their own taste preferences when it comes to salt and seasoning.  It is important to taste and season your dish as you go in order to reach the desired flavour of the finished product. Here are some articles – each one presents information a bit differently:

Absolute Beginners Guide to the Art of Seasoning

How to Season Properly

Are You Seasoning Your Cooking Correctly?

Does the end of summer excite you in anticipation of preserving the harvest’s bounty? Maybe you like to make jam for your family or as gifts. Perhaps you grew up with grandparents who preserved peaches or a mom who made salsa. No matter what your level of experience with home preservation it’s a great skill to acquire at any age!

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Herbs and spices can enhance and add an extra dimension to any meal. However, if you’re new to cooking herbs can be a bit intimidating. Here’s a quick guide to herbs that you can turn to at any time.


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This the spring of 2015, France’s government voted to ban large grocery retailers from destroying food they deemed unfit to sell in their stores. The government’s comprehensive strategy also targets school cafeteria waste and aims to teach students about reducing waste at home. All together the world wastes about one-third of the food grown every single year.

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