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Foodland Ontario provides a great guide to help us eat local and eat healthy!

See what’s in season, all year round, to save money and enjoy produce at its peak freshness!

Foodland Ontario Guide

Going to local farmers markets helps to give people a better understanding of where their food comes from as well as when and how your food is grown. They can also give you great ideas on different recipes and ideas on how to store your seasonal foods.  

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The Middlesex-London Local Food Guide

Helpful hints for enjoying, fresh, perfectly ripe fruit this summer!

Summer Fruit Guide

Many people tend to forget about beans when cooking. Beans are significant to Canadian agriculture and have many uses. As a bonus, they are a relatively cheap, filling, and a protein rich food source.

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Barbecuing is a summer tradition in Canada. We take advantage of the nice weather and gather outside to share a meal. There is so much more to cooking on the BBQ then just throwing on a steak (although that sounds delicious too!). Here are some safety tips, handy ticks, and some of the unconventional ways to use the BBQ.


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