Here is some  information on the importance of seasoning food, and tips on how to do it correctly.  Everyone has their own taste preferences when it comes to salt and seasoning.  It is important to taste and season your dish as you go in order to reach the desired flavour of the finished product.  I have provided three different articles – each one presents information a bit differently:

Stone Soup – Absolute Beginners Guide to the Art of Seasoning

This is a blog I came across that identifies the importance of seasoning food and simple tips on how to start incorporating salt and pepper into your cooking.  Very easy read!

Food Network – How to Season Properly

This is a series of photos with basic tips on how to season and why – short and sweet!

Love Food Journal – Are You Seasoning Your Cooking Correctly?

This is a quick article with tips and tricks on seasoning with salt and pepper!

After reading  these websites, I will definitely invest in good quality salt and pepper, good quality grinders, and experiment more often in my own kitchen!  I hope you find this information useful!