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Modern and Traditional Methods of Home Preservation

Does the end of summer excite you in anticipation of preserving the harvest’s bounty? Maybe you like to make jam for your family or as gifts. Perhaps you grew up with grandparents who preserved peaches or a mom who made salsa. No matter what your level of experience with home preservation it’s a great skill to acquire at any age! […]

Beans: The Protein Source You Forgot About

This month our theme for Grow Cook Learn is beans! I don’t know about you but I tend to forget about beans when I’m cooking. After doing some research on beans, their significance to Canadian agriculture and their many uses, I’m inspired to start using beans more often. As a bonus, they are a relatively cheap, filling, and a protein […]

Early Harvest Plants

May is one of my favourite months of the year! Not only am I excited for warmer weather, more sunshine and the soon arrival of summer. I most look forward to the early harvest. Late spring and early summer provide the first taste of the season. I especially love the fresh asparagus, strawberries, rhubarb and cucumber available. One of my […]

Butterfly and Bee Friendly Plants

A diverse garden is a thriving garden. Therefore it is essential to include plants that attract a vital function to one’s garden-Butterfly + Bee friendly plants to increase pollination.

Guest Post: Youth in the Garden – Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre IV

The Crouch Youth continue their success in the garden. Have a look at their harvest and hear their impressions of the experience. Cucumber Today I found a cucumber in our garden close to the squash. It is not ready but I am sure it will be ready by the end of next week! Squash Our squash has been growing very […]

Michael Pollan talks about his new book

“Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.”  Recently, I attended a talk at The Isabel Bader Theatre in Toronto to see CBC’s Matt Galloway interview sustainable food champion Michael Pollan.   Many of you will recognize those words from his bestselling book In Defence of Food  – An Eaters Manifesto as well as,  “Eat Food.  Not too much.  Mostly […]

Looking forward to spring

We can’t wait to get our hands in the soil to begin a new gardening season.  Spring brings rebirth, new growth and many possibilities.  Last year, despite very dry conditions, our Community Gardeners produced amazing results.  We hope the weather will be more forgiving this year. As we plan our new Grow Cook Learn sessions we can’t help but reminisce […]

CFAs are spreading the Grow Cook Learn philosopy

LCRC and the Community Food Advisors (CFAs) spent the last few weeks with Lynda who facilitates positive parenting sessions (MAPP) at various locations around the city of London. We love to get out in the community to spread the Grow Cook Learn philosophy.  Our topics were Cooking with Kids, Healthy Eating on a Budget and Vegetarian Cooking.  During our sessions, […]