Never Put Your Plants to Bed With Their Feet Wet

Linda’s grandmother always believed that your garden should never be watered at night. And so with that in mind the LCRC staff has been waking up very early and heading to Westview in the mornings in order to beat the heat.  Even at the crack of dawn I was ready to get started, since this was my first real opportunity to step out of the office and into the garden to get my hands dirty.

On Tuesday we spent two very productive hours aerating the soil, weeding, and watering the garden beds.  Working as a small task force allowed us to get the job done before the sun got a chance to really heat us up.  On Wednesday we focused our attention to removing any remaining weeds, cleaning up the Three Sisters garden, and tidying up the pumpkin patch. Linda and I went out to purchase some strong garden gloves, and once we got those on, we were well armed against the thistles!

I learned a lot during those few hours spent in the garden.  I was exposed to many different plants that I had never witnessed in the growing stages before including Marigolds, Swiss chard, Beets, and Broccoli. Linda showed me the proper techniques for weeding and watering.  I also learned the difference between weeds growing in regular soil and weeds growing in straw and was able to see first-hand the benefits943477_10151411496051712_163746249_n of the straw cover.  I also learned the importance of aerating the soil and letting your plants breathe, something I never thought about as a beginner gardener.

We were able to accomplish a lot in a very short time by working as a group and working hard.  It is important to think of your health during heat waves like the one London is experiencing right now.  No matter what time of day you decide to garden, make sure you equip yourself with water to stay hydrated as well as sunscreen and a hat to keep your skin safe.

I look forward to more time spent in the garden with Linda and the crew.  I enjoy learning about gardening and feel that the more opportunities I get to have my LCRC experience come full circle the happier, and more knowledgeable, I become.

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