My Plot at Carling Heights Community Garden

After a couple of months I have learned a lot about having a garden and the work that goes into the care and maintenance.  I have already grown a new appreciation for farmers, and the easy access most of us  have to fresh food – that most of us take advantage of.  My eyes have been opened.






Dill (bottom left) and Cilantro (bottom right)


Refrigerator Pickles in the making!

The ‘sad’ eggplants I spoke of earlier are bouncing back, and everything else is growing nicely.  The basil, dill, and cilantro plants are growing wild!  We have already picked a couple bunches of dill for potato salad, creamy dips, and homemade refrigerator pickles!  Basil has been used to spruce up spaghetti sauce, make fabulous tomato-feta salads, and to put on sandwiches 🙂  I will be using my abundance of Cilantro to make batches of Strawberry-Avocado Salsas and Fresh Tomato Salsas (both recipes found on our website!).

We did have a few casualties so fa.  For example we learned the consequences of not thinning out radishes…..and when we tried to transplant them they did not survive.  I also learned to be more careful when weeding around tiny plants by accidentally pulling out a pepper plant 🙁   The wind took hold of our cucumber plant and uprooted it.   Next year we will try to block the wind using stronger, taller plants, and I have learned to be more careful and gentle when weeding.  It is all part of the learning process!

Lettuce Patch

Lettuce Patch

Pepper Plant

Pepper Plant

Our lettuces have grown so well!  We have already used a bunch of romaine for Caesar Salad and bunches of red and green leaf lettuces for a lovely garden salad.  I really do think food tastes better when you grow it yourself.  I can’t wait for the tomatoes to ripen and the peppers and eggplants to grow!  Healthy eating here I come! 🙂

Carling Heights is a beautiful garden; I cannot wait to see the progress my garden makes in the next few months.


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