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Guest Post: Youth in the Garden – Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre IV

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The Crouch Youth continue their success in the garden. Have a look at their harvest and hear their impressions of the experience.

Today I found a cucumber in our garden close to the squash. It is not ready but I am sure it will be ready by the end of next week!

Our squash has been growing very well. Multiple flowers have bloomed. We harvested one squash today it is about 10cm long and is a green-yellow colour. It looks delicious and probably will be too yummy!


Purple Beans
Today will be my last blog for this year’s Summer Splash. So therefore I must finish off in a colourful style featuring purple beans as my blog topic. The beans have been ready for a while but now they are perfect to harvest today. Picture a regular green bean, just purple! They taste the exact same as a regular bean too. These cute little fellas add the perfect amount of taste and style to any salad. I can’t wait to eat them!—Josh

The potatoes are growing very well, they are still very small but I bet by the

time we are done in the garden for the winter they will be very big. The Summer Splash program has been working very hard in the garden and all of the vegetables are looking very good. –Sierra

kale- CrouchAnd people say kids grow fast, well so do plants! The corn that was planted in June is huge! So I think by the end of August they will be done and ready to eat.–Alex

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