Guest Post: Youth in the Garden – Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre III

The Youth at Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre continues to have success at Dillabough Garden, one of London’s Community Gardens.  Here  are some more of their stories:

Today Summer Splash youth harvested ripe sweet peppers. – Youth Group

radish1Today at the garden when we were harvesting ourradish2 radishes, we found this awesome one! The unique of someone’s back and bum make it hilarious! This is by far the most unique vegetable we have harvested this year at the garden. We can’t wait to our radish despite the bad shape.—by Josh

We planted the potatoes again, after they were stolen. They seem to be growing well. We have been learning how to hill the potatoes and take care of them. We are all excited to start harvesting closer to the fall and finally get to have some potatoes we worked so hard on. –Nohemipotatoes

purple beans

Our purple beans are beginning to sprout and also finished their vast climb up the trellis. Now they only have to complete their growth and then they will be ready to eat. The Summer Splash program are excited to see how they will turn out and will continue to post more results. Happy Gardening!–Dante


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