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Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre strives to …” bring diverse people together to plan, develop, and provide services that support, build community capacity, and nurture the well-being of all residents in the Hamilton Road Community.”  We are lucky enough to have their youth group be a part of the Dillabough Garden community.  Here are some of their stories from the 2013 growing season:

Weeding in the Garden

blog2It`s that time of year that most gardeners despise. It`s weeding time again at the garden. Well every time we go down there, it is weeding time because the weeds are really bad this year! It`s probably the weather causing the weeds to grow. We would all choose a plot to start picking and eventually we would get all of the weeds out to put mulch down and then water. Overall, we got all of the weeds pulled and so it was a successful day.


Laid Down Mulch

toriAfter a very long day of work finally the mulch was done! It made the garden look wonderful. As well as help keep out the weeds. Thanks to all the help from our youth, Ian, and Alicia. Our garden is looking better than ever!


Harvesting and Growth of Plants

crouchMultiple plants at the garden are growing such as, the beans that are wrapping up the fence we made. Other plants are growing like the lettuce and kale which we used to make kale chips. The leeks were growing and we used them in a salad along with the lettuce. Zucchini`s are blooming and we able to take one back. We had potatoes that were growing but they were stolen : ( . We put down mulch to get rid of the weeds and keep in moisture for the plants. By the end we had harvested a lot of plants and a lot of plants were well on their way to be harvested soon.

Bee and Butterfly Gardens

It`s a fantastic time of year to start a garden but it is also a good time to start a Bee and Butterfly Garden! We at the Summer Splash program have been creating small butterfly gardens in the four corners of the community garden for over 3 years. We have been laying down mulch and getting weeds out the  of planters. This project sure will flourish throughout the summer. We have seen more and more butterflies enjoying these areas and we sure there are more to come. Happy gardening!

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