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Gardener of the Month: Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre

The London community gardens are not only used by individual members of the London community, but groups as well. This month, we’re featuring the Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre. The Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre is a community organization that aims to bring people together “to plan, develop, and provide services and activities” that increase engagement and community capacity. Services include: community development initiatives, support services, youth programs, and a food security initiative.

Alicia is the  Child and Youth Coordinator and LEGO Social Skills Counsellor at CNRC. She approached us about sharing some of the experiences the children have had while tending to their garden plot. All participants are from the CNRC Summer Splash program, a 7-week day camp that offers recreational and educational activities for youth between the ages of 11-17.

Here’s a peak at some of the comments shared with us over the summer:

summer watering

“Today at the garden I helped lay mulch, I also was able to water the plants.  I had to get water from these big black barrels the staff said they were call rain barrels, I think that is so neat.  What a great way to help the environment and save water!!  When I was watering I accidently soaked my shoe.”

Summer Splash Participant, Age 11

“Wow! The garden has grown a lot.  We now have beans, carrots, purple beans, cucumbers, beets and kale.  I think we will be able to eat a cucumber soon.  Oh! the potatoes are growing too! We decided to plant them in garbage bins which take up less space.  I didn’t know you could do that, next year, I think I will grow potatoes on my balcony.  Today was a very productive day at the garden.”

Summer Splash Participant, Age 12

“Ohh man, oh man, that gopher!!! He is eating everything.  I waited weeks for this purple cabbage and today we went to go pick it and that gopher got to it first.”

Summer Splash Participant, Age 11

“Today I found out that there are cucumbers, peas, and beans growing.  We also brought a cucumber back with us to try, it was good juicy but warm, I guess that is because it was out in the sun for days groaning.  I also watered the bee and butterfly gardens they are pretty, it was my first time seeing them.”

Summer Splash Participant, Age 13


Most gardeners can probably relate to the gopher story!

If you’re interested in sharing your story or perhaps some gardening tips feel free to email us at: communications@lcrc.on.ca.


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