CFAs are spreading the Grow Cook Learn philosopy ???

LCRC and the Community Food Advisors (CFAs) spent the last few weeks with Lynda who facilitates positive parenting sessions (MAPP) at various locations around the city of London.

We love to get out in the community to spread the Grow Cook Learn philosophy.  Our topics were Cooking with Kids, Healthy Eating on a Budget and Vegetarian Cooking.  During our sessions, the same themes came up again and again.  We are all looking for time-saving strategies and great ideas for incorporating fresh, whole foods into our diets.  We all agreed that home cooking is the key to saving money and eating healthy food that tastes really good.  Not only that, the home kitchen is a place where we can pass important knowledge on to the next generation.  It’s where we have those discussions about where our food comes from and how to make our own healthy meals.  Children are often more willing to eat foods they had a hand in preparing.  The kitchen is a hotbed of learning!  Children are reading, organizing, and doing math and science.  Many of our participants had great ideas to share.  Who doesn’t love to talk about food?

On the menu:  smoothies, apple dip and fruit parfaits.   Featuring some reliable staples: plain yogurt, milk, apples, frozen fruit, maple syrup (or honey), homemade granola and cinnamon.

Smoothie Time

It’s Smoothie Time! 

Smoothies are very versatile- about a cup of fresh/frozen/canned fruit, 1/2 cup of milk, 6 oz  of yogurt and voila!  A healthy and delicious drink.    Many of you like to include some healthy additions such as ground flaxseed or ground oatmeal.  It’s up to you.

The apple dip was a real hit:  Combine about a cup of yogurt a teaspoon of maple syrup or honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Just make it the way you like it.  It’s our new favourite snack around here!  (Thank you to our friend Dianne for inspiring this simple and delicious recipe.) You can then layer this mixture with granola and fruit for a colourful breakfast or dessert.  Perfect for little hands to dig in and help.  Creativity in the kitchen is part of the fun.  Have a look at these beautiful parfaits from CBC’s Stefano Faita.  The jars are a nice touch.  Granola is very easy to make at home.  You can control the sweetness (we used maple syrup) and the ingredients based on likes/dislikes/allergies.  Some of you may wish to make it without nuts so it’s safe to send to school.  There are lots of recipes out there, find one that  suits your tastes and ingredients you have on hand in the pantry.

Thank you to our CFAs, helpers and friends:  Lynda, Linda, Christine S., Christine L., and Swathi.  Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the parents and kids for your participation.


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