A Garden Tour with Urban Flair!

On a lovely Thursday morning the LCRC staff accompanied students of The Boys’ and Girls’ Club of London on a peaceful garden tour that included four of our centrally located gardens; Ann St., Blackfriars, Riverforks, and Thames Park.  We had a beautiful, sunny day and were able to fully enjoy both the landscape along the Thames River and the magnificent growth of the gardens.   The hard work that London’s community gardeners have put into the season is definitely shining through with the growth of a variety of bright and colourful produce.


We then took a visit to Blackfriars where the scenery is relaxing and very unique.  Standing along the river’s edge we watched a couple of gentlemen fishing casually while a Blue Heron remained perched on his rock hoping for a bit of the fresh caught fish to himself.  The urban industry and hustle and bustle of the city in the background mixed with the tranquility of the river gave the feeling of calmness that one can only find in London.London2C_Ontario

We concluded our tour at Ann St. garden with a nice mix of crisp, green growth and a lovely urban landscape.  The tour allowed us to demonstrate how each garden is slightly different and I am confident that the students learned a lot from both Chris and Linda.  I hope the students were able to gain a better appreciation of not only the hard work and passion that goes into local, home grown produce, but also the diversity that makes up London’s Community Gardens.

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