A day at the Church of the Ascension Garden

As a voice from the garden, I act like a little shadow watching, listening and learning. I follow the instruction of my knowledgeable co-worker Chris.  Chris is one of those “seize the day” type characters. Today, we re-built a fence, aerated all the garden beds, transplanted and planted crops, created a new flower bed and prepared beds to be planted with squash.  I did now realize how  much room squash needs to grow.  I am very happy with all the work we did and it provides inspiration for what I can accomplish in my own garden. Everyday I learn new tips and tricks.

My time in the garden has been a continuous learning experience.  For now, I am content working in the LCRC gardens and sharing a garden with a friend as I continue to learn the lessons of the (green thumb) trade.  If all things go well, maybe I’ll start my own garden next year.

The fence we are fixing to protect our harvest from the hungry critters we share space with.

If only Rhubarb weren’t so sour, we could have ourselves a quick snack!

These carrots will make for good snacks in the fall when they grow nice and big.

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