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In community garden plots, backyard gardens and in the family kitchen.

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Healthy eating – easy, fun and tasty.

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Build your confidence in the garden and in the kitchen.


Community Gardens

Community Gardens yield more than just fresh fruits and vegetables: they build friendships, provide recreation and promote physical activity while they also foster civic pride and sometimes even unity amongst neighbours. London’s Community Gardens have been growing for over 20 years now. When you consider the numerous benefits of the gardens, it’s not surprising to learn London’s Community Gardens are such a vital part of life in the city.

LCRC’s Community Gardens are the Pond Mills Garden (located at 451 Pond Mills Road) and the Westview Garden (located at 1000 Wonderland Road South).

Visit our Resource page for gardening tips and information.


  • LCRC Community Gardens Beginner’s Guide

    LCRC Community Gardens Beginner’s Guide

  • Pond Mills Garden

    Located at 451 Pond Mills Road on private land donated by Century 21.

  • Westview Garden

    Located at 1000 Wonderland Road South on land donated by Westview Baptist Church.