Grow Cook Learn

  • Grow Cook Learn Session Recipes

    Enjoy the recipes we have featured in our cooking sessions plus others recipes we thought you might enjoy. Our cooking sessions encourage participants to cook at home with fresh seasonal ingredients while offering strategies to save time and money.

  • Must-try Recipes

    Here are some miscellaneous recipes that we’ve gathered over the years! Enjoy!

  • Canada’s Food Guide

    Eat Well with Canada’s Food Guide. Learn about making good choices and portion size.

  • Meal Planning Tips

    Planning your meals is key to success. Here are some tips and resources to help.

  • Cook It Up!

    LCRC created Cook it Up! to build the local food skills and knowledge of our youth. Learn about planning, implementing, & evaluating a community-based cooking program.

  • Eat Local, Eat Fresh

    Enjoy the local bounty! Get the local food map. Find our more about why eating local matters.