Water and sloping bowl method to clean seeds

  • seeds are best saved when the gelly exterior of the seeds have been removed
  • to remove the slippery gel exterior, scoop seeds out of tomato and place in a jar along with a little water, approximately half the quantity as seeds and pulp
  • store the sealed jar in a warm location for 1-5 days
  • when bubbling and mould has been present for a day, pour the mixture into a large sloping bowl
  • using your fingers, gently separate the healthy and dead seeds (healthy seeds sink to the bottom while dead seeds float to the top)
  • rinse seeds with water several times, quickly pouring out the floating dead seeds and slowing to save the heavier healthy seeds at the bottom
  • to dry seeds, pour through a fine sieve (making sure the seeds don’t pass through!) trying to remove as much water as possible. Patting the bottom of the sieve with a towel helps.
  • lay seeds out on glass or a ceramic plate. Do not use paper as they will stick. Leave to dry in a cool, dry location for 2 to several weeks
  • store in jars until ready for use the next year!