Companion Planting


Gardeners have been planting marigolds in the vegetable garden to repel pests for years, but there are many other companion planting combinations to try. Companion plants are selected upon their ability to enhance one another’s growth, flavour, pest and disease resistance, and weed suppression. Until recently, evidence of the benefits of companion planting has been largely anecdotal, but due to increased interest and research in organic growing methods, there is a growing body of controlled scientific data that substantiates what many have practiced for years.

Traditional Companions

Crop Traditional Friends

(growth enhancers)

Traditional Enemies

(growth hinderers)




Tomatoes repel asparagus beetle; parsley and basil help growth



Onion family

Beans Potatoes repel Mexican bean beetles; corn improves growth; rosemary repels insects; catnip repels flea beetles; celery helps growth Onion family, fennel, gladiolus
Beets Onion family repels insects


Pole beans
Cabbage family (broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, kohlrabi)


Celery repels cabbage worms; onion family deters maggots, rosemary, sage, thyme repel insects Pole beans, strawberries, tomatoes
Carrots Peas add nutrients; onion family repels carrot flies; rosemary and sage repel insects


Celery Cabbage repels insects Carrots, parsnips





Beans and peas add nutrients; potatoes repel insects




Cucumbers Radishes deter cucumber beetles; beans add nutrients


Potatoes, sage
Eggplant Green beans deter Colorado potato beetles; potatoes can be used as a trap plant


Lettuce Carrots, radishes


Melons Corn; nasturtiums and radishes repel cucumber beetles


Onion family (onions, leeks, garlic, shallots, scallions, chives)



Beets, carrots


Beans, peas

Peas Carrots, turnips Onion family; gladiolus


Peppers Carrots Fennel, kohlrabi


Potatoes Beans and corn repel insects; use eggplant as a trap plant Apples, pumpkins, raspberries, tomatoes


Pumpkins Corn Potatoes


Radishes Cucumbers repel insects, lettuce Hyssop


Spinach Strawberries Potatoes


Squash Corn Potatoes


Swiss chard Onion family Pole beans


Tomatoes Asparagus and basil repel insects; parsley helps growth



Source: How Does Our Garden Grow? A Guide to Community Gardening Success

Adapted from: Marjorie B. Hunt & Brenda Bortz, High-Yield Gardening. (Emmaus, Pa.: Rodale Press, 1986)