• LCRC Community Gardens Beginner’s Guide

    LCRC Community Gardens Beginner’s Guide

  • VIDEO: Planning What To Plant

    View Video on Choosing What to Plant in Your Vegetable Garden here Click for information on Planning Your First Vegetable Garden from Better Homes and Gardens   Video courtesy of

  • VIDEO: Determine Where to Plant Your Crops

    View Video on Determine Where to Plant Your Crops here   Courtesy of

  • Preparing Your Soil

    View Video On Preparing Your Soil here View Video on Testing Soil for a Vegetable Garden here Preparing Soil in the Spring from Organic Life The Secret to Successful Living – Healthy Soil! from the Compost Council of Canada   Courtesy of GardenContinuumINC and

  • Tips for Aerating the Garden

    Aerating is an important process and sometimes people forget how important it is for nutrients for the plants. These tips will help to show the importance of aerating and how to do it properly

  • Growing Your Garden Green

    All of our community gardens are organic. Find out more about safe methods of fertilizing and pest control.

  • Succession Planting

    Learn how to increase your yield with a continous harvest.

  • Companion Planting

    Learn how companion planting can increase your yield, control pests and aid in pollination.

  • Deterring Unwanted Guests in the Garden

    How do we stop unwanted guests from helping themselves in our gardens? There are a few different approaches, depending on the visitor.

  • Weed Identification Guide

    Great Resource, especially for beginner gardeners!

  • Take part in the deadhead movement!

    I discovered this article in the London Free Press this week. I found the information interesting and helpful! A quick read can make your flowers healthier and even more beautiful than they already are.

  • Save Your Pennies, and Your Seeds

    Why not save a couple vegetables from harvesting and let them produce seeds that can be planted next year! Pick your favorite and learn how.