Raspberry lemonade



(Makes 7 to 8 cups)


1 cup of fresh raspberries, cleaned (frozen berries can be used)

1 cup of sugar

Juice from 7 or 8 lemons

7 cups of cold water


  1. Heat raspberries and sugar over medium heat until the mixture is warm and bubbling. Remove from heat.
  2. Grate lemon zest and add to cooling raspberry syrup for added lemon flavour (optional)
  3. Let the raspberry syrup cool.
  4. Juice lemons (using reamer as demonstrated in class) over a fine strainer and into a liquid measuring cup to remove pulp and seeds.
  5. Pour cooled raspberry syrup through a fine strainer into liquid measuring cup to remove seeds and lemon zest

*Pouring raspberry syrup or lemon juice into a measuring cup when straining maked for easier pouring into pitcher

6.   In a large pitcher, add raspberry syrup, lemon juice and 7 cups of water,               mix well.

7.  Refrigerate to chill or serve over ice.