Westview Garden

Located at 1000 Wonderland Road South on land donated by Westview Baptist Church. This garden has been in operation since 2004. Water is generously donated by the church. Westview Garden is also the site for our Sprouts Children’s Garden Program.

The Westview Community Garden is where we utilize several plots for the Grow Cook Learn program to grow food for cooking sessions, for donation to the London and Area food bank and emergency meal providers. The site will hosts workshops where community members can be actively involved in hands-on learning experiences.

The Westview Community Garden gardeners are responsible for maintaining their plots from early spring through till it is time to put  their plot “to bed for winter” in the fall. .  Garden waste is picked up by the Yard Waste Collection Department according to the Zone A schedule.

City Waste Pick-up Schedule – Zone A

If you are interested in a garden plot at the Westview Community Garden, visit the Contact page and let us know.

Tell us  1) You are interested in the Westview Garden 2) Your name & home address including postal code, 3) Home telephone number and email address.

Please note:  Gardener’s have the option to come back the following season.  If they decide not to return, their plot is assigned to the first person on the waiting list.  

Plots are rented on a geared-to-income basis, which allows them to be affordable to all.  The rental fee ranges from $15 to $40 for a plot of approximately 400-square feet for the season.  Plots may vary in size.  There are 30 plots at the Westview Community Garden.

The fee structure is based on a total combined household annual income of:

Up to $15.000:   $15

$16.000 – $20.000:   $25

$21.000 – $24.000:   $35

Over $24.000:  $40


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