Gardener of the Month DELETE

 Day Break Program at Hutton House

We are starting a new feature on our blog to celebrate our gardeners called Gardener of the Month. We will select a gardener every month and learn about their love of gardening, why they decided to become a part of London’s community gardens, and some helpful tips they would like to share with you.

This month, we are featuring the Day Break Program at Hutton House, a program offering respite services to families with young adults with disabilities and complex needs. Their programming caters to the distinct needs and interests of their participants while promoting independence in a supportive environment.

Initially, the Day Break Program was interested in joining the community garden to grow vegetables for their lunches on Fridays, however, they soon realized the benefits went further than a weekly meal. Day Break Coordinator Amy revealed, “Growing vegetables offers our participants the opportunity to get out into the community and develop skills. Participants look forward to coming out to the garden and they feel a sense of accomplishment growing their own food.” I am sure many gardeners can relate to that feeling; working tirelessly, and then finally being rewarded with fruits of their labour during harvest time.

They have witnessed our gardening community grow and people reaching out to others to lend a helping hand.  Over the years they’ve noticed the sense of community the gardens have helped shape and the diverse group of people it brings together.

The Day Break Program received many benefits from gardening, besides growing fresh produce, what have been some unexpected benefits of gardening that you have discovered?

Tips for Beginner Gardeners: “Remember that taking on gardening is a responsibility, it’s not simply planting the seeds or plants and forgetting about it. You should take the time to research how to take care of your plants as each plant has different gardening requirements. We have also found that we have had more success growing vegetables from plants verses seeds.”

Happy Growing!

If you would like you share pictures, gardening tips, or your story email communications@lcrc.on.ca

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