Eat Think Vote! DELETE

Every person has their own food policy; rules that govern what and how we eat. Some of us proudly proclaim we are vegetarians, while others, refuse to eat anything that has not received their mother’s stamp of approval. Although our culture, religious beliefs and personal preferences influence our food choices, it is the policies in place that act as a framework for these decisions.

These policies dictate what food is available, from where, and the prices we see at the grocery store. They also influence our access to food, resulting in 4 million Canadians living with food insecurity. This means they do not have consistent access to food to meet their dietary needs. This impacts their immediate health status, productivity, and if sustained over a long period, their ability to reach their full potential.

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Taken from: Statistics Canada

If we want a healthier, more productive society, we need to begin with food. This starts with addressing the factors that limit access to food such as, living wages, public transportation and food prices. However, if we want permit, lasting change, we need policies in place that support a sustainable food system. Policies that support new farmers and ensure nutritious food is available and accessible to all Canadians.

It is time for Canada to create its own food policy. One where all Canadians have equal access to food regardless of income. Where people do not have to choose between housing and food. Where our farmers are supported, and young people are encouraged to enter the industry. In this upcoming election, we can ensure our voices are heard by choosing to support politicians that believe food security, both at the individual, and national level, need to be on the political agenda.

It is time to Eat, Think, Vote.


For more information about the Eat Think Vote campaign by Food Secure Canada click here.



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