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Modern and Traditional Methods of Home Preservation

Does the end of summer excite you in anticipation of preserving the harvest’s bounty? Maybe you like to make jam for your family or as gifts. Perhaps you grew up with grandparents who preserved peaches or a mom who made salsa. No matter what your level of experience with home preservation it’s a great skill to acquire at any age! […]

Beans: The Protein Source You Forgot About

This month our theme for Grow Cook Learn is beans! I don’t know about you but I tend to forget about beans when I’m cooking. After doing some research on beans, their significance to Canadian agriculture and their many uses, I’m inspired to start using beans more often. As a bonus, they are a relatively cheap, filling, and a protein […]

Butterfly and Bee Friendly Plants

A diverse garden is a thriving garden. Therefore it is essential to include plants that attract a vital function to one’s garden-Butterfly + Bee friendly plants to increase pollination.

Computers and Wi-Fi! Video games and fast food! …What about nature and playing outside? — Jessica Wiles

Computers and Wi-Fi! Video games and fast food! …What about nature and playing outside? What about homegrown food and spending time with your family in the garden? We are living in such a fast-paced world where people sometimes forget to stop and look at the beauty around them. Seeing the way that society is changing, I believe it is more […]

Gardener of the Month: Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre

The London community gardens are not only used by individual members of the London community, but groups as well. This month, we’re featuring the Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre. The Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre is a community organization that aims to bring people together “to plan, develop, and provide services and activities” that increase engagement and community capacity. Services include: community development […]

Happy Food Revolution Day!

I think that the majority of people out there, kids included, know what they are supposed to eat to maintain and protect their health. So why then do we struggle so profoundly with diet-related diseases, obesity, and a vast array of chronic health issues. Because of the perception that making the healthy choice isn’t the easy choice, or the delicious […]

The Great Food Fight

Do you know what is costs to buy a healthy food basket in London these days? It may not be something that some of us pay all that much attention to. However, in every community, there are members who struggle financially to make ends meet. It’s easy for members of higher socio-economic status to pin laziness and a string of […]

When it comes to healthy eating, nutrition research doesn’t hold all the answers.

Nutrition is amongst the hot topics in health and wellness these days, and like any trending issue, it is subject to much (sometimes heated) debate. The gluten-free and Paleo trends seem to have taken the field of nutrition by storm, along with the recent rise in popularity of high protein diets and a growing body of research on healthy fats. Lots […]

Coconut Granola

  6 cups rolled oats 1 cup chopped pecans 1 cup chopped almonds 1 ½ cups shredded or flaked coconut (unsweetened) ½ cup maple syrup ½ cup coconut oil 1 cup raisins or dried fruit (optional)   Mix dry ingredients in roasting pan. Gently melt coconut oil in small saucepan. Add maple syrup and salt. Pour over dry ingredients and […]

The Children’s Garden – a summer of fun and exploration

This summer two community gardens in London were not only abuzz with bees and butterflies but with children connecting to nature and learning about growing healthy food. The Children’s Garden program was initiated in the summer of 2014 to allow children in our community a hands on and fun experience growing organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers. At the Thames Park […]