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Author Archives: Brittany McMullan

Computers and Wi-Fi! Video games and fast food! …What about nature and playing outside? — Jessica Wiles

Computers and Wi-Fi! Video games and fast food! …What about nature and playing outside? What about homegrown food and spending time with your family in the garden? We are living in such a fast-paced world where people sometimes forget to stop and look at the beauty around them. Seeing the way that society is changing, I believe it is more […]

My Plot at Carling Heights Community Garden

After a couple of months I have learned a lot about having a garden and the work that goes into the care and maintenance.  I have already grown a new appreciation for farmers, and the easy access most of us  have to fresh food – that most of us take advantage of.  My eyes have been opened. The ‘sad’ eggplants […]

First Harvest from my Rookie Garden

What a way to spend Canada Day – my first ever harvest from my first ever community garden plot! Food tastes so much better when its grown yourself!

The “Gardening Rookie”

After my first year at the LCRC, I was inspired to step into the wonderful world of gardening that I had learned so much about!  I knew it was going to be a lot of work, and would require extreme TLC, but I felt determined and settled on a lovely plot at the Carling Heights community garden.  I just moved […]

Guest Post: Youth in the Garden – Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre III

The Youth at Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre continues to have success at Dillabough Garden, one of London’s Community Gardens.  Here  are some more of their stories: Today Summer Splash youth harvested ripe sweet peppers. – Youth Group Today at the garden when we were harvesting our radishes, we found this awesome one! The unique of someone’s back and bum make […]

A Garden Tour with Urban Flair!

On a lovely Thursday morning the LCRC staff accompanied students of The Boys’ and Girls’ Club of London on a peaceful garden tour that included four of our centrally located gardens; Ann St., Blackfriars, Riverforks, and Thames Park.  We had a beautiful, sunny day and were able to fully enjoy both the landscape along the Thames River and the magnificent […]

Guest Post: Youth in the Garden – Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre II

The Youth at Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre continue their gardening journey with London’s Community Gardens.  Here is what they had to say about a recent trip to the Dillabough Garden: I went down to the garden and took a picture of the broccoli because it is my favourite vegetable. When I took the picture I noticed how it was growing […]

Fresh Summer Harvest Success and An Evening at ELAM garden!

This week was a very busy week for the LCRC, but we pulled it off with the help of our amazing volunteers and wonderful staff! On Tuesday evening, we held our Fresh Summer Harvest session in the Market kitchen at Covent Garden Market.  We started off the night preparing refreshing lemonade and a flavourful salsa together.  We then learned how […]

Guest Post: Youth in the Garden – Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre

Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre strives to …” bring diverse people together to plan, develop, and provide services that support, build community capacity, and nurture the well-being of all residents in the Hamilton Road Community.”  We are lucky enough to have their youth group be a part of the Dillabough Garden community.  Here are some of their stories from the 2013 growing […]

Never Put Your Plants to Bed With Their Feet Wet

Linda’s grandmother always believed that your garden should never be watered at night. And so with that in mind the LCRC staff has been waking up very early and heading to Westview in the mornings in order to beat the heat.  Even at the crack of dawn I was ready to get started, since this was my first real opportunity […]